Josh and Amanda met in Honduras, Josh was working for an organization out of Virginia starting a bilingual school.  Amanda and her family are from the northeast region of Honduras in the place called Colon.  It is up in the mountains and there is one access road that you need a truck to get you there.  It is close to where they recently discovered the civilization they are calling “The White City.”  We moved to New York where I was teaching but moved to the warmer climates of Florida five years ago.  We had been looking for a place to serve authentic Honduran food, and when the old Smores Ice Cream Shop was for sale we new this was the place. The oldest of nine brothers and sisters Amanda has been making tortillas by hand since she was three.  This is the foundation of our idea for the restaurant and the menu that we choose.  We want the food to be fresh. All the orders are cooked then and there and nothing is cooked ahead of time or sitting in heating pansor under heat lamps. All the meat and vegetables for our homemade salsas are prepared every morning.  We will not compromise quality.  We want the experience to be as if you were sitting in a small restaurant in Honduras. Since everything is cooked to order sometimes you order may take longer if there are  ome orders ahead of you.  Know that we are working as hard as possible to get that food out to you.  We encourage phone orders when we are busy so that your food will be ready when you arrive.  Also we are across the street from the beach.  Place you order, walk across and enjoy the beach and come back to enjoy a fresh cooked meal.  We will do our best to make your meal an experience.  Thanks again,
The Daniels Family